Mkit Rain
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Mkit Rain

  • Real Name: 메킷레인/ MAKE IT RAIN
  • Status: in activity
  • Starting Career : 2016
  • Genre: K-Hip-Hop, K-Rap
  • Label/Agency : Mkit Rain (2016 -)

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Mkit Rain is an American-Korean crew and has officialy been an independent label based in Los Angeles, California, since 2016 January 22nd. LoopyNaflaBloo, Owen Ovadoz and Young West are its main figures .

Loopy, who is the oldest is also the founder of the label.

Everything starts when, in 2015, Loopy met Nafla. They met each other during a little show in L.A. At first, they were only acquaintances and Nafla was already busy with the 42 crew, but quickly they became closer through several collaborations on their individual projects or pieces. In some songs there were with other rappers like the veteran of the American-Korean scene: Dumbfoundead. (Ed: you can find more information on Loopy’s and Nafla’s articles).

As time flies, Loopy and the 42Crew keep enriched each other.

Nevertheless, Loopy dreams big and, one day, he suggests Nafla to something crazy:  to create their own agency. After hesitating for a while, Nafla agreed to start this crazy journey. On the 2016 January 22nd Loopy, Nafla and Bloo released their first collaboration Come Thru. The Mkit Rain was born

Quickly, in 2016 February 12nd, Owen Ovadoz joined the agency. The rapper had been got in touch with Nafla and, from this meeting the famous piece Locked and Loaded was released. Even if the rapper, who is influenced by East Coast rap from New York, was discordant from the others – who had known each other since a long time ago and were influenced by West Coast rap – he integrated well into the crew. (Ed: or at least it looks like!). The 2016 April 14th the crew released another version of Come Thru which, this time, includes Owen Ovadoz.

Then, the members developed their own projects. During the year, in June, Bloo released his mixtape Tony and Nafla, in July, his EP New Blood.

On the August 12nd, the crew also released his second M/V Wheathermen (Ed: of course, bills rained). This M/V had a huge effect on the reputation of the new agency, now there were recognized. Thanks to this success, the crew could make their very first concert in October 30th in a pretty renowned hall in Daegu. On top of a live performance they introduce an appealing comics concept, which will follow them in most of their projects – apparently, they love Marvel. Their concept is about the BAD BAD GOOD GOOD theme including a representation of each artist based on a comics chara design (Ed: you can see it in the Youtube teaser of the event).

But t is also a really meaningful day for the agency because this day is also the day when Young West, the fifth and last member of the crew, joined the agency. And, through this we can see how the agency is meticulous. The October 30th; the Mkit Rain’s SoundCloud released a new piece: Mkit Rain by Young West.

After this, there is a tour called MONEY SHOWER in China – one performance in Chengdu and another one in Beijing.

And, during the Hip-Hop Gallery Award 2016, as a recognition of their work, they won the reward of “Rookie Label of The Year”.

The 2017 year is more about solo projects, and live performances, which shows us more the label side than the crew one of the Mkit Rain. Loopy starts the year with, in May, the release of his first album ICE. Then Young West releases in July his Mixtape #OKIDS and in September, his mini album LIGHTNING VISION. As for Owen Ovadoz, his second album Problematic is released in September. Then, Nafla in October released his first album Angels meanwhile Bloo close the year with his Mini-Album Downtown Baby in December.

However, 2018 is totally different for the agency because the crew release a new M/V called Don’t Move in February, but also his very first Album Public Enemy in April. The crew use again their BAD BAD GOOD GOOD concept tour but, this time with their own movie universe. For instance, the M/V production Apple box, released in March this year, by Nafla with Loopy in featuring and in which we can see Owen shows us that kind of gangster movie universe. They also said in an interview that this project is a response to haters. And this album allows them to explore a whole new universe according to each rapper’s characters and musical flavours.

« Look around. Getting Stared at everywhere. We’re public enemy »

– “Public Enemy”

Hence in the album we can see a lot of comics and movies references but also a lot of ego trip, wealthy and luxury references (Ed: it would be fun counting how many times they quote brands… but let’s go back to work!). We will dedicate a deeper and more detailed analysis in another article about this album, however it is relevant to say that, beyond this easy way of life message that the artists deliver, they also wanted to show how hard we have to work if we want to achieve our goals and be at the top.

Team Work makes the Dream work

When it comes to Mkit Rain, the word ambition is recurrent, this is even the reason for Mkit rain name. Let me tell you a story. The name Mkit Rain comes from the day when all the crew spent their night in a strip club. Like every time in that kind of club (Ed: yes, Eli knows everything about Strip clubs, it’s the truth !!), people make raining…with bills! In the euphoria, the members started to talk about the future, how they will be rich, so rich that they could make a bill rain: “Make it Rain”, a usual saying in the rap. And, all of sudden someone screamed “Mkit Rain sounds good?”. This name is really good for the agency because it represents their vision of Hip-Hop.

For them, Hip-Hop means to spread their success, to show off their richness.

However, their is yawning gap between dream and reality, dreaming about success is one thing but to achieve it is quiet another, without their hardwork they would not have made it. Worth noting is that, before the Mkit Rain, Loopy and Bloo almost gave up on rap because of haters’ pressure. Hip-Hop is far away from being an easy world to live in and being talented is not always enough…

The label never tried to hide their will to bring into the Korean Hip-Hop scene a new touch, as much Korean as American. The whole group is influenced by Old School rappers such as Biggie, Tupac, Big L or 50 cent, but also by more trendy rappers such as Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar or Asap Rocky. All of this inspiration, the crew intend to make it a strength and, like the Asap Mob, fashion and image also fills a significant role in the crew identity. They are even the first one to say that they do shopping a lot.

And, consequently a certain line management had been made between members.

Loopy, the oldest, generally offers his guiding principles, his ideas. Known for his positive charisma/presence, he always tries to be responsible, to support and cheer on people.

Bloo, as for him, assists the artistic directors about the visual identity of the crew. He advertises also the crew as much about fashion and style as actions and gesture for the performances. As for their visual productions, DANTAYSPEK, Hypnos but also T are often mentioned.

Nafla is really good when it comes to production, he teaches a lot to the other and pay a lot of attention to the crew’s production and Young West goes along with him on this research work.

Finally Owen, has not only the biggest experience on live performance, but he also has a true gift for writing and the members rely a lot on him.

When it comes to the writing process while they collaborate, here again the teamwork is also dominating. If, first of all, everyone wrote his own lyrics by themselves, then all the team listen to other lyrics and give their opinion about it.

All of this precision allows the Mkit Rain to provide a well thought out work in every circumstance. For instance, they adapt their performances to their public. Which means that, in front of an American audience they know that a lot of people are here to spend a good and harmonious time with the artist meanwhile a Korean public expects above all performance and technique.

And, as they faced recurrent critics aiming that the rappers are wasting their talent in this collaboration, the members remind them that, even if they are pursuing success, their main objective is before everything else, make the most of the opportunities that offer themselves to. And having a good time.

Then, the label keeps organising dates and other projects who should be released soon. May other rappers could join the current team? It is hardly possible (Ed: we do not have the gospel truth though). By the way, during an interview in 2018 July, Loopy explained that, nowadays the label is, above all, looking for some producers


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