• Name: Cheon Seung-Hyun 
  • Date of birth: 24/04/1993 
  • Status: DJ, producer – in activity
  • Genres: Hip-hop, Hybrid, Alternative
  • Former label/agency: HIGHGRND (2016 – 2018)
  • Belongs to: CLUB ESKIMO (2015 -), FANXY CHILD (2016 -)

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Cheon Seung-Hyun aka Millic is a South Korean musical producer. With Dean, they founded the Club Eskimo collective around 2015 and since 2016 he has also been a member of the Fanxy Child. That same year he also joined HIGHGRND until the label closure in early 2018.

At a very young age, a will to convey feelings through music

Cheon Seung-Hyun was born on April 24th 1993, in South Korea where he lived a pretty normal youth. He and his sister, for instance, are quite put under their parents’ pressure who wanted their children to succeed both in school and socially.

However and very quickly Cheon Seung-Hyun questioned this conformism and strived to show his parents that there was no one right way to live one’s life, no one right path one would have to follow and music highly helped in this introspection.

It’s in 8th grade that his relation to music truly changed. While for a long time, like many other, he had simply enjoyed listening to music, an Akon track deeply affected him. He loved that track so much that he finally came to wonder if he could also succeed to convey this kind of emotions, not to be a simple listener but creating his own sound.


“I listened to his song and it was so good, that moment I was like ‘These kinds of songs, how do you make something like this’ It just came into my head so I thought ‘Should I try making a song?

Millic in an interview for HIGHGRND


Motivated by this new aspiration, the teenager started to visit online musical platforms, especially the Jungle Radio community in which amateurs meet and perform. One figure, especially, was standing out in this community: Dean, who only was 17 back at this time. Then, Millic aged of 16, contacted himself the artist and shared with him his will to himself also follow a path guided by music.

For 4 years however, he had lived a relatively normal adolescence. In an interview, he admitted that younger, he tended to have a strong temper and that he particularly liked to just hang out with his friends.


The United States, a decisive break in the artist’s life

In 2014, aged of 20/21 his life took a turning point as he went to the US as part of his studies. Indeed, from what the artist says, his stay abroad had been quite influential, as much from a personal point of view as for the artist he is.

Back then, the goal was mainly to enjoy a new experience, to test himself. In this way, not only did he left Korea even though his English was rather broken but the main challenge he also had to face was that he went there without even a place to stay. He only had two luggage and one big bag, hence he admitted that at the moment, without any place to live, he kind of questioned his life choices…

However, he managed to find a solution and then life got back to normal. After classes that he found more and more boring, he hung around in the neighbourhoods liking it so much that eventually he didn’t go to school anymore and rather started visiting the country. He even did a two-weeks trip alone for instance. 

But besides this new discoveries, it’s also at this time that he truly met Dean who back then was also in the USA as a producer for Joombas. Not only did they become true friends, but little by little, together they developed the project to create a collective of artists aiming to bring a new colour to the Korean scene.

This project came true through the CLUBESKIMO, which was launched between 2015 and 2016 and gathers artists from diverse backgrounds such as Crush, the OffonOff duo, Punchnello, 2xxx!, Campergraphic (or Rad Museum), Miso and Chekparren.


The HIGHGRND recognition

It’s very difficult to follow the producers’ activity as they aren’t always credited or it takes a lot of researches to hear about it. Hence we have to say that concerning Millic, we don’t really know what he might have produced before joining HIGHGRND. Especially as his Soundcloud account is as empty as my free-time, so sorry for that.

Or, well, we kind of went through internet and found some things on Youtube (N.d: Yes, the dedication level is high!).  In this way, in 2014 he seemingly did a remix of La La La by Naughty Boy featuring Sam Smith in a slight alternative EDM atmosphere. But he also did a remix of Faded by the English/American House/Electro producer ZHU in 2015 or even one of Bouquet of Love by the singer Sherry W. Both are already more on a hybrid vibe.

The fact remains that in March 29th, 2016, he was the last out of three artists to be announce during the HIGHGRNDWEEK where the label presented its new recruits. Beside Millic, HIGHGRND also counted Punchnello and the duo OffonOff, the three of them being member of CLUBESKIMO too.

Millic would have helped Punchnello a lot during his negotiations with the label by the way. Both are very close and Millic even produced all of Punchnello’s mini album Lime tracks released in September that same year. One can easily recognise Millic’s musical identity who this time opted for both quite Jazz but above all zesty sonorities.

Before this, he also did a remix of the featuring between Crush and Zico Oasis but also one of Toujours Youth by Apachi featuring Xin Seha.


VIDA – As much an artistic completion as a personal one

In 2017, he came back in June with a contribution to the production of the title song Outside from Crush’s eponymous single with Beenzino and Stay Tuned in collaboration.

However 2017 is above all the occasion for Millic to unveil his first album VIDA in July with nine tracks among which the M/V Paradise which marked his membership to the Fanxy Child collective by the way. In this way, he joined Zico, Crush, Penomeco, Stay Tuned and Dean.

The album’s name came from the name of a place he stayed when he was living in L.A “Vida Hollywood” he simply shortened. More generally the album’s theme is about happiness, that happiness he looked in a new light after his stay in the USA, happiness in all of its forms, a reflexion about happiness.

This album was also the opportunity for him to refine further this reflexion about happiness since every artists featured in this album also had their own idea of the concept. The Fanxy Child, the CLUBESKIMO, Jang Pil Soon, HAN but also international artists like the Australian Ta-ku, the American with Asian belongings Julius, the Irish rapper Rejjie Snow (Eli’s note: he’s very very good and I admit that I have a special affection for his EP Rejovich ~) or the Filipinos singer (((O))). The [MAKING FILM] series available on HIGHGRND YouTube Channel really highlights the exchange dimension carrying this album. It’s through his collaboration with Jang Pil Soon that he realised that happiness wasn’t only about happy moments but that it was a very more complex state.  

« Lonely and empty feeling is also… That is also happy »

Jang Pil Soon – [MAKING FILM] for the DOOR track

Consequently, the track which marked him the most is none other than TREASURE ISLAND with HAN. Indeed, Treasure Island is a place in San Francisco where you can admire the city’s coast looming. Happiness can also be seen in this moment where for 4 hours he had just stayed there, contemplating the view.

“It’s a song I wrote being inspired at that place. I think that track is meaningful for me because I remember every detail about that place”

Millic en interview pour HIGHGRND

An emotion mosaic, that’s how we can describe the album VIDA, an album meant to be listened to as much in moment of joy as in moment of need, this album is also meant to be comforting (Ed: we’ll release soon an article dedicated to this album).

In July 2018 is also unveiled the album Wonderlost by Crush to which he would have contributed.


Millic – An artist just like his music

Then, when Millic is asked to describe himself in a word, the producer simply answers “Millic”. For those who would have been wondering, it’s worth noting that Cheon, his family name, means a throusand in Korean. In this way he just took the Spanish translation of the number, so “Mil”, and from it he made his stage name.

If, at first sight it doesn’t say much about the artist, his motto might be more clarifying.

“Let’s not put a limit on something. Whatever it is”.

His career is also driven by this same unwavering determination and it’s thanks to it that he managed to become who he is nowadays. Still in the interview for HIGHGRND, he explained that before going to the USA, he was already producing, moved by that will to develop his own musical flavour. However, it had hardly been without efforts. Relentlessly and for a year he had listened to sounds of all sorts, even while eating, only sleeping 4hours a day. And, if it had probably been hard, as much physically as morally, he admitted that this experience deeply marked him and that he feels that it is really helping him for his productions today.

More generally, Millic seems to be a paradoxical mix of hyperactivity and calmness, the artist is indeed pursuing very simple things. In that same interview for HIGHGRND he also explained that for him heaven would just be to have a drink on the beach, contemplating the water while listening to music. As for music, he would just love to have the opportunity to go on a tour with people who matter to him, first in Korea and then abroad, to spread his music. He was already aiming for that when he was young, and he is still striving for it.

Sharing is also an important notion for him as  all the research work behind his album VIDA shows it, but he also wants to spread that sharing to the stage. Being able to provide a performance which would entertain the audience. Hence he works a lot for it.

In this way, Millic seems to be on the right track for showing that no, life isn’t limited to the conventional path. Millic is an artist who is constantly challenging himself while making a point to stay in tune with who he is, what drives him and the messages he is striving to convey.

“What I really wish people would strive for a bit more is looking for what suits them, what they like… Being able to take extra step and look for, that is what I want from people.”  



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