• Real Name: Kim Hyeon Wung / 김현웅
  • Other Names: Bad Boy Loo, Daniel Prynne
  • Birth: 1994/10/12
  • Status : in activity
  • Starting career : 2015
  • Genres : Hip-Hop, Rap, Cloud Rap, Trap, Jazz Rap
  • Label / Agency : Mkit Rain (2016 -)
  • Belongs to : Young Creation (2012 – 2014), 42 (2014 -), MKIT RAIN (2016 -), neonblue (2017 -)
  • Familly : a sister

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Badboyloo is a Korean rapper more known as Bloo who was, by turns, in the Young Creation Crew and 42 Crew; he is currently a member of the Mkit Rain crew/label.

Bloo real name is Kim Hyeon Wung and he was born in October 12nd, 1994 in Seoul where he grew up until his family decided to settle down in L.A, California.

Enriched through this cultural intermingling, it was a decisive move for his rapper’s career. The USA, which is the cradle of hip-hop, allows the rapper to progress into a specific universe; Biggie, Tupac, 50cent often are references for rappers who lived in the USA; also because the young Kim Hyeon Wung living in L.A met some capital acquaintance who built the Bloo that people know today.

Firstly, Bloo fed his passion for rapping besides Young Creation crew members, back at this time he was named Daniel Prynne. This crew was, first and foremost, created by chance. Indeed, youngers from the same neighbourhood sharing the same passion started to rap together. Thanks to MD Fam collective, especially Souleaf group, the crew were quite famous however his leader, EK, had to move and jeopardize their rise. Nevertheless, Bloo and four other members lived in the same neighbourhood named “La Crescenta” and, in 2014 they decided to create, together, their own crew: 42Crew. Crew in which there is Bloo (who was back at this time called Daniel Prynne), APYoung WestNeil, the Forehead and Nafla. As well as the crew’s mixtape Life is 42 released in 2014, he released his first M/V FRESH AS F. It was a hit. In November 15th he unveiled the M/V of his piece 7 gold chains which also was a hit.

Things take another way thanks to Loopy’s influence, Bloo (and the 42Crew’s rappers) get to know him through Nafla. Loopy was, at that time, in a very meaningful period in his career, because of haters’ pressure, he was doubting about his rap career and was thinking about quitting the musical scene but also, at the same time, he had the ambitious idea to launch his own label. Bloo, as a rapper, had the same worries and doubts so, if it was not for the Mkit Rain, Loopy and Bloo might not have pursue their career. And, in January 22nd, 2016, the Mkit Rain released the song Come Thru and launched at the same time the label publicly. The label was composed of Loopy and Bloo and Nafla -his “La Crescenta’s” friend.


This fresh start seems to be the moment when Daniel Prynne became Bloo.

The same year, in June 18th, Bloo unveiled his first mixtape Tony, that had again great feedbacks from the audience. Even if there is only 6 pieces in the mixtape, the production is really good. As we can expect from a rapper who grew up in California, in the mixtape Tony there is, obviously, ego trip with West Coast flavours like his Bad Boy Intro or 7Gold Chain. However, the rest of the project is more tinged with nocturne sounds like the self-image of the rapper. The instrumentals are lights and the significant influence of jazz make all the project more intimist. This project is also almost melancholic because the rapper expressed his dreams, his doubts and worries about his parents and relatives but also about relationship that fade away; everything with a subtle and surprising mix of sensitivity and detachment.

« Smoking, Drinking, Talking with my friends; Empty that glass, wipe the dust off my heart as well »


Two months later, in August 12nd, the Mkit Rain released Weathermen with a newbie: Owen Ovadoz. Bloo already knew him since a while.

Subsequently, Bloo performed besides Mkit Rain members, first of all in October 30th in Daegu with the BAD BAD GOOD GOOD concept. This day also celebrates the arrival of Young West in the label. Then, the MONEY SHOWER concept in November for two dates in China.

He unveiled in February 2017 a single called Better and, in June the M/V Hennessy which strengthened his popularity. 

Even if his activity with the Mkit Rain is quite lacking that year, the EP Henny & Jamie and the You and I M/V sealed his collaboration with Niahn, his L.A’s friend. This collaboration has a name: neonblue. The prevailing Cloud Rap in the project seems to confirm the artist’s appeal for nocturne sounds.

However, his mini album Downtown Baby, released in December 7th, 2017 is a complete rupture in his musical identity seeing as the rapper drop muted/soften instrumentals to acoustic ones, especially with guitar. His flow is also more languishing; the break-up seems to be the main theme.

Downtown Baby might be an exception because Bloo shows us again his usual tones in 2018 with the single Drink Slow Henny, released in April 30th, song where he raps on an instrumental with quite trap sounds and, in June 18th the unveiling of the M/V So Rude.

 In July 18th the neonblue collaboration is back with BJ M/V, still in a Cloud Rap style. He also raps on 12 pieces over 14 on the Mkit Rain’s album Public Enemy released in March 30th, 2018 whom M/V Don’t Move is revealed to the public.

Bloo in wonderland” will be released on November the 19th

A rapper who pays attention to details

Apart from Old School rappers with whom he grew up, Bloo revealed in an interview that he draws his inspiration from artists like Kanye West or Asap Rocky. The similarity between those two rappers is, particularly, their common taste for visual and their fashion commitment.

This appeal, Bloo also has it. The rapper multiplies designer house references and doesn’t hide his appeal for shopping.

His appetite for visual is so important that the rapper would even assist Mkit Rain’s art directors for visual appeal for the crew. He also would advise the group about style and fashion and also gesture during live performances. 

However, the rapper is also really meticulous, thorough and conscientious when it comes to music. More than a genre, for him, Hip-hop is a culture and therefore he tries to compose truthful and meaningful songs and with some pieces of him that will captivate the audience.

What, in the future, Bloo may keep? To be continued…



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