• Other name: 42Crew
  • Status: in a break
  • Starting career: 2014
  • Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap, Freestyle, Boom Bap, Old School and so on.

Even if the Crew has more or less stopped his activity nowadays, the members collaborating only every now and then; we thought that it would be important to consecrate an article about this adventure which bound Nafla, Young WestBloo aka Daniel Prynne back at this time, Neil the Forehead and AP.

Young Creation: the genesis

If the one and only mixtape immortalising 42Crew members collaboration dates back to September 5th, 2014, we have to go back to 2012 for the roots of the 42.

In 2012, this is not already about the 42Crew and this was not the configuration that we will find out on the mixtape Life is 42.

Indeed, before the 42CrewNafla, Young West, Daniel Prynne (aka Bloo nowadays), Neil the Forehead and AP were part of the Young Creation Crew besides EK, Lunick, Holic, Ehwhenkeem, Niahn, Mackwon, 막내 and Fran.

Young Creation was just mere coincidence; young people who grew up in the same neighbourhood and whose links happens to be reinforced through their shared passion for rap. They were hanging out together, giving themselves up to freestyle, recording some songs that we can find on their Soundcloud, YouTube or Band Camp. Everyone developed their own style through contact with each other. There was only one recurrence: the significant influence of Old School Rap and more particularly West Coast which is unmissable when it comes to rappers who grew up in L.A’s neighbourhood.

Nevertheless, it will be a negligence from ourselves talking about Young Creation without mentioning the main role of the Most Definite Family (or MD Fam) and particularly the Souleaf crew composed by the rappers Sean, Won-J and Haru. It is thanks to the three of them that the career of Young Creation’s member took another way.

Indeed, as Won-J explained in an interview; back at this time there were only a few places to perform, L.A’s club weren’t that Hip-Hop; this way, Souleaf pushed those young to perform in café, bars or even churches. In order to perform one had to create its own stage. One condition was required though: being talented.

And Young Creation had, indeed, a lot of talent (Ed: Don’t hesitate to listen to their project, there is some gems, we’ll may be make a compilation one day and you can already find some links at the end of the article). If it was not for the fact that the leader, EK had to move in Iowa, maybe the crew would have made a breakthrough. However, with that sudden leaving, the crew had been undermined. Deprived of their initial dynamic, the members scattered, and the Young Creation collaboration ended at the end of 2014.

And there is 42Crew

Nevertheless, the end of the collaboration is not something permanent, at least between all members. If today there is members who still released tracks together, five members didn’t remain undeterred and together they decided to write a new page.

Among Young Creation’s members, AP, Nafla, Daniel Prynne, Young West and Neil, The Forehead lived in the same neighbourhood, the “La Crescenta’s” neighbourhood. If, firstly, they were just hanging out together, in 2014 things took another turn when they decided to make a new crew: the 42.

Overall, the crew kept the same dynamic than the one they used to have in Young Creation. The only difference was that Souleaf’s members who were accompanying their stage beginning could not be there anymore for the 42Crew. Haru, Won-J and Sean were really too busy with their own projects (Ed: there is links to Band Camp and Soundcloud at the end of the article). 42’s members were then organizing their own events.

However, Bloo – formerly known as Daniel Prynne – and Nafla’s departure then Young West’s for the Mkit Rain’s label created by Loopy put more or less an interlude to the crew, which isn’t disbanded today, but not really in activity. One and only project immortalised their collaboration: the Life is 42 mixtape unveiled the September 3rd 2014, with notably the Bae track which had some impact on the public.

Talking about collaboration, Young West, in 2016 for instance, made a duo with Neil on Going back to Cali’s track, or even on the now-classic Mercy by Nafla featuring AP. More recently, in 2017, Nafla also appeared on AP’s song Gone and we can also mention the Selfish track by Niahn, featuring Bloo and AP (Ed: to be more precise, we must say that it was a reunion between some Young Creation’s members).

Apart from the departure of some members for the Mkit Rain label, the 42 Crew scattering might also be explained by the fact that some of them went back to South Korea meanwhile others stayed in California.

What is life? Life is 42

The question may have run through your minds: why 42 or 42Crew?

The answer is in their mixtape’s skit which is nothing other than an extract of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Garth Jenning released in April 2005. This movie is an adaptation of a radio drama series dated from 1978 by Douglas Adams also adapted into a novel.

“The Answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything … is ……………………………. 42”.

Extract of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Herewith an extract of the movie that we found randomly on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aboZctrHfK8

And the famous Skit: https://soundcloud.com/lifeis42/4-skit?in=lifeis42/sets/life-is-42 because we love to make things easier for you!!

And with those highly remarkable words we let you consult the other pages of Mkit Rain’s members – if you didn’t do it already – and once again don’t hesitate to go listening to Young Creation and 42Crew’s projects. We kindly put links below and some projects even have mediafire links provided by their creators.

Sound Cloud

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