[VIDEO] Jeebanoff’s GOOD THING.: The Art to Convey Bittersweetness

[VIDEO] Jeebanoff’s GOOD THING.: The Art to Convey Bittersweetness

2019 is behind us but let’s not forget about the amazing projects dropped last year. And well, GOOD THING is probably one of the most impressive when it comes to alternative RnB. 

So let’s go back on Jeebanoff’s GOOD THING

/!\ Erratum /!\ For Jeebanoff’s track Silence the name of the beatmaker is art haus and not art hous, sorry for the mistake…..

All Jeebanoff’s album covers here have been made by: https://www.instagram.com/bakijoo/, her work is trully incredible do not hesitate to follow her!

Jeebanoff’s article: click here 

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Songs in order of appearance:

Jeebanoff – Good Thing Prod. LNNN from the album GOOD THING.

Jeebanoff – Good Place Prod. LNNN from Panorama

Jeebanoff – Bad girl Prod. LNNN from GOOD THING.

GiiANA – MurMur ft. Jeebanoff from Paradise

GiiANA – Wishes ft. Jeebanoff & K.vsh from Pure Imagination

plan8 – how we love ft. Jeebanoff Def. – NOTHING prod plan8 from 1/? Vol.5

Jeebanoff – Then we Prod. nöair from KARMA

Jeebanoff – Right Here ft. Rick bridges Prod. nöair from KARMA

Deepshower – SUMMER ft. Jeebanoff & George from Colors

Deepshower – Found U ft. Golden (formerly G.soul) from How I Met You

Jeebanoff – Sungbook-gu Kids Prod. LNNN from so fed up

Jeebanoff – Table ft. TAEK Prod. GiiANA from For the Few.

Jeebanoff – Belief Prod. Deepashower from For the Few.

Jeebanoff – Timid ft. CHANGMO Prod. LNNN from KARMA

Jeebanoff – Truth Prod. plan8 from KARMA

Jeebanoff – We just Prod. LNNN & GiiANA from Panorama

Jeebanoff – Good Thing Prod. LNNN from the album GOOD THING.

Woodie Gochild, HAON, Sik-K & pH-1 – KITKAT Prod. WOOGIE

Sik-K, HAON, pH-1, Woodie Gochild & Jay Park – Giddy Up prod. GroovyRoom

Jeebanoff – Guilty Prod. Mirrorboy from GOOD THING.

Jeebanoff – Silence Prod. art haus


Video Extracts:

[GENIE MUSIC] jeebanoff(지바노프) – We (OUI) (feat. sogumm) official M/V:


[GENIE MUSIC] jeebanoff (지바노프) – B.T.N (Better Than Now) Official M/V:


[GENIE MUSIC] jeebanoff (지바노프) – Timid (feat. 창모 CHANGMO) Official M/V:


Uzuhan – Mama We Made It feat Jeebanoff:


[WAV LAB] Jeebanoff(지바노프) – Belief (Official MV):


[Stone Music Entertainment] Deepshower (딥샤워) – SUMMER (Feat. JEEBANOFF, GEORGE) MV:


[KANGOL KOREA – KANGOL LIVE] 캉골 X 지바노프(jeebanoff) – 진심 & We:


[GENIE MUSIC] jeebanoff (지바노프) – B.T.N (Better Than Now) (Teaser 2):


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