• Real name : Lee Jin Yong / 이진용
  • Stage name : Loopy / 루피
  • Date of birth:  1987/09/09
  • Status: in activity
  • Starting career: 2014
  • Genres: Hip-Hop, Rap, Cloud Rap, Trap
  • Label/Agency : Mkit Rain (2016 -)
  • Belongs to : MKIT RAIN (2016 -)

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Lee Jin Yong aka Loopy is a Korean rapper, founder and leader of the independent label and crew Mkit Rain. The Label and the Crew were officially launched in January 22nd, 2016.

A career beginning stamped by an inner-self questioning

Lee Jin Yong was born in September 9th, 1987 and grew up in Seoul. He does not talk that much about his family but according to Molla and Goyard songs and his duo with Sik-k Boomin, he might not be the only child in his family.

However, one day, the rapper decided to leave his dear Korea to settle down in L.A, California. This move had several effects on him.

First of all, people have to know that Loopy was not always his stage name. Until 2011, he was called Momentee and then he chose Teezy as a stage name. For instance, people can find him in the song I AM from Parallel mixtape by the rapper Holic – who was member of Young Creation Crew.

And finally, around 2014/2015 the rapper adopted the name Loopy, which with he became popular.

That change from Teezy to Loopy is because the rapper felt suffocated and did not recognize him anymore through Teezy’s name. Indeed, he said that when he arrived in the USA, he was stroke by the behaviour of the American youth, there were each one more confident than the last. Back then he understood that there was no reason that he would not be confident in himself. And that he was trying too hard to fit in with everyone expectations, to other’s eyes; his ceaselessly questioning stopped him as a person but also as an artist. Thanks to this American teenager example, Loopy gained confidence and understood better the spirit of Hip-hop, living now another way of life. For him, Hip-hop is being confident. Confidence should be a second nature, a main part in the DNA like footprints. And, because of this change he had to change his stage name: as a metamorphosis. Everything had to be new. He was looking for something catchy and easy to remember according to his words.

And, Loopy was created.

If some of you might already know the artist, in an interview in July, 2018, the rapper denied any link to the famous manga One Piece. Then we will only stick to the latest interpretation he said.

His departure for the USA also mark his meeting with the 42Crew and especially with Nafla.

Both rappers met during a small show in L.A. Firstly, they were acquaintances; but quickly they started to work together, and to do  collaborations frequently. If Loopy will never become a member of the 42Crew, he exchanged a lot with them and they helped each other a lot. His mixtape King Loopy, released in September 2015, had featured some of 42Crew members like Nafla, Young West or Niahn (who belonged to the Young Creation Crew).

[If you want more information about 42Crew and Young Creation Crew you can find it in on this article].

Mkit Rain: the blooming

His project had an impact, indeed, thanks to King Loopy, No More, Vegas or also Gear 2 MV he was rewarded by the online magazine Hip-HopLEBest Mixtape Song of the Year 2015”. However, it is in 2016 that things spiced up for the rapper, or at least for the leader figure he represents.

Loopy had this crazy and clearly ambitious project: launching his own label. After few hesitations from him and his friends -like Nafla– the Mkit Rain was officially launched on January 22nd, 2016, with the release of Come Thru performed by the rappers Loopy, Nafla and Bloo.

Nevertheless, his fans had to wait until May of 2017 to listen to ICE – his first album – to have a real work from him as a solo artist.

Why do one had to wait so long between the release of the mixtape and his first album?

There is a reason for this.

Loopy, in an interview revealed that one month before ICE album release, he was not just as sure about the music he wanted to do as he used to. However, he still has really critical opinion about this album that he unveiled more because he felt he needed to, than he wanted to.

Concurrently, Loopy was back in South Korea and, likely, he would have known a bad patch during his stay in his native country. And he would not have such enjoyment to make music as he used to do back in L.A. This can be explained by the fact that the rapper would have been a little bit overwhelmed by his return. He was also not necessarily ready to accept his knew renown.

Since this April interview he seems to get back on work because on March 2018, he released Questions, a substantial/weighty mini album. Weighty first, because there are 12 tracks, which is quite ambitious for an EP, and above all because one can say that he totally accepts his trap and cloud rap tones that he already had explored in pieces like No More, Ice or Goyard.

The rapper also invests himself in the Mkit Rain, he raps on 10 tracks over 14 in the songs from Public Enemy album unveiled on May 4th, 2018 whose Don’t Move MV.

Ref to SMTM7 is coming

A rapper who stand out from the crowd

For those who already know Loopy, they noticed that the rapper has, obviously, a particular voice tone (Eli’s Ed: to be honest, when I first hear him I thought he was using autotune or something like this, forgive me that sacrilege). However, we had to underline that cloud rap and everything which goes with, (lean/codeine/Xanax references in Problems: “Always coughing so I need purple lean” or Batman: “U know I been poppin’ some of xans” and so on) are not the more usual in the Korean hip-hop scene, even if there is some other artist who talk about it.

Nevertheless, if Loopy distinguish himself, it is also and above all for his perfectionism, his relentlessness and his passion.

From the rapper who almost quitted rap under haters’ pressure to the thinker of the label who does not put a limit to his ambitions, one can clearly say that it is his determination who lead him there.

Determination is, indeed a significant value for him. One can notice it first in his Kendrick Lamar admiration. Compton rapper is not only an inspiration for his rap, but also the Grammy’s rapper would have contributed a lot to put on the spotlight of the American Hip hop the West Coast scene. For him, nobody else can rap like Kendrick Lamar.

Funny fact: how to be a good rapper according to Loopy?

For being a good rapper, one has to listen Biggie meanwhile to understand Hip-Hop one has to listen Tupac. We leave you with this and, if ultra from each side comes here, let’s get it easy in the comment space please.

However, through his leader role within Mkit Rain label, Loopy distinguished himself as a really good analyst. He advices for general guidelines, ideas for the label trying at the same time supporting the others and highlighting everyone’s strengths. Globally, he has a lot of perspective when it comes to music. In an interview he said that he quickly notices the strength of a song, why such rapper sounds good and so on. 

This analysis sensitivity, we can also find it in his own music, the rapper questioned himself a lot about his musical identity. For instance, Loopy was first known as a technical rapper with Gear 2 song and, the audience tend to expect him in this genre only. However, for him, the song lacks spontaneity because technique would have ousted passion. Quite the opposite, like his appeal for the cruising skate, Loopy prefers tinting hid flow with groovy and laid-back tones (Ed: like Cloud, relaxed spirits et cetera) with always his West Coast influences. So now, one of the main rapper’s objective is to transliterate that mentality and also being known for a rap that fits him.

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