Name: Cheon Seung-Hyun Date of birth: 24/04/1993 Status: DJ, producer – in activityGenres: Hip-hop, Hybrid, AlternativeFormer label/agency: HIGHGRND (2016 – 2018)Belongs to: CLUB ESKIMO (2015 -), FANXY CHILD (2016 -)Artist's Social Network Instagram Spotify Soundcloud Our selection Cheon…

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Dream Perfect Regime

Name : Dream Perfect Regime Other : DPR Status : In activityGenres : Visual and Musical production in Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B and Pop Collective's Social Network Instagram Soundcloud Youtube Vimeo Wordpress Presentation Video Perfect Regime, commonly known as DPR is…

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Name: Hong Da Bin Other name: LIVEDate of birth: 01/01/1993 Status: in activityStarting career: 2015Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap, R&BLabel/Agency: Dream Perfect Regime (DPR) (2015)Artist's Social Network Instagram Twitter Facebook Spotify Soundcloud Youtube Vimeo Wordpress Our Selection Presentation Video DaBin, aka DPR LIVE, is…

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