Rad Museum

Rad Museum

  • Other names: Campergraphic, Camper
  • Date of birth: “Nobody Knows, The Day I was Born, Nobody Knows my Birthday”
  • Status: Artist, Graphic Artist, Musician and the list goes on – in activity
  • Genre: alternative R&B
  • Belongs to: CLUBESKIMO (2015/2016 -)

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Rad Museum also known as Campergraphic is a South Korean artist who has been part of the CLUBESKIMO, an artist collective, since its foundation, that is to say between 2015 and 2016.

If there isn’t that much information about Rad Museum, one thing is yet for sure, this artiste is just extremely talented.

It was as Campergraphic that a vast mojority of the public first knewdont him (Ed: To be honest we don’t have a clue about his activity pre-2015…). Camper indeed takes care of the various CLUBESKIMO’s visuals, he created the logo of the collective for instance. Sometimes he also does illustrations for some projects of the crew members. The visuals of Birthday and Detox, Punchnello’s tracks, among others, were from him. Punchnello by the way expressed his deep admiration for the artist.


« This Hyung is so talented in many ways. He does tattoo art too […] There is so much to learn from him»

Punchnello in the 1st episode of Drop The Beat


But Camper doesn’t restrict himself, he also gets into design and, more recently he finally officially set to music.

Among his multiple talents, music is actually one of those he treasures the most. According to Punchnello, Camper would always have dreamed to fulfil himself as a singer and a songwriter.

Then, it was this time under the name Rad Museum that he took his first public musical steps with the track Island published end of 2016 on SoundCloud (Ed: since then the track has been removed from his account but is still on a YouTube channel, you can find it in his discography below).


2017, A pivotal year for the artist’s muscial career

However, it’s truly in 2017 that he is going to be active as a musician.

In July it’s first in the album VIDA by Millic that he was present. He contributed to the composition but also performed alongside the other CLUBESKIMO’s members on the track IGLOO. However, within the CLUBESKIMO, the duo OFFONOFF also invited him in their track Homeless Door from the album Boy released the same month. Rad Museum presence is pretty faint in this track, but this moment where his voice blended with Colde’s one conveys a peculiar mix of softness and melancholy. It’s really strong and if you didn’t already know it, I can only recommend you to listen to it!

In November came out the album Life by the producer 2xxx!, also a member of the crew. Rad Museum and Punchnello are on Dawn, a track with an atmosphere tinged with nostalgia.

But the year 2017 is above all marked by the released of his own album Scene which is composed of 7 tracks including Cloud featuring Colde, Punchnello and Miso but also Tiny Little Boy where he’s accompanied by Dean. If there isn’t any M/V for this album, Rad Museum however created a YouTube channel where he shared the beautiful live version of the track Dancing in The Rain accompanied by Jusén on guitar.

Scene: An Album with an intense work on the atmospheres

How to describe this album in a few words?

In all objectivity this project presents a rare delicacy. Scene is all along carried by a sensitivity which is perceptible in all the attention to detail. A certain patina binds all the songs but while a part is dominated by quite wavy sonorities; in the other part there is this complex combination of gentleness and melancholy which is pretty recurring for the artist. Like a signature. In a way, the album is like exuding a juvenile atmosphere, something really pure paradoxically mixed with a maturity tinted with a disillusionment, a disillusionment from the deception sometimes induced by the reality.

In brief, an excellent album that you should definitely listen in order to discover the really special artist’s universe.

Receptive or not to it, it’s undeniable that Rad Museum is one of those artists who bring diversity and  a certain richness to the Korean urban scene and we are very likely going to hear even more about him in the future, or at least we hope so!

Drop The Beat ep1



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