KHip-Hop Kaviar is first and foremost the history of a random encounter. Two people who start to talk about Korean rap by a May afternoon when a few hours ago they were just mere strangers. The site suggestion didn’t come straight away, but over time, one day the idea just came out, as a joke. And finally, quickly, what was a simple joke out of the blue became a real project.

The website that you are currently visiting is the fruit of a thought which began in October 2017. If we could have done it sooner we would have, however, back at this time, Eli had academic imperatives which couldn’t allow her to throw herself into such a journey. Still, we took advantage of that time to think thoroughly our structure and our content.

It’s worth noting that, even if we try hard to deliver quality content, we aren’t specialists and probably bound to make mistakes or imprecisions. Yet, we are doing our best to provide you the most reliable sources. And, precisely, if this website was born it’s also because we noticed that it’s difficult sometimes to find information about the Korean urban scene.

In this way, if we can assure you one thing, it’s that the website will evolve perpetually. We’ll try to address the Korean urban scene from another angle while bringing our contribution to its spreading.

We are already waiting for your feedbacks and, little spoil, we already have some surprises in reserve for you!

Individual Presentations


With an endless curiosity, I love everything regarding literature, foreign languages, History, animation, music, writing and social sciences, so a literary person.

Yes, I must admit that even though I really like literary fields, but I also like science. I am also the translator of the English version of the website.

My history with the Korean urban scene dates back over 2016-2017 so recently (I’m kind of a newbies). Before I was interested by that specific scene, I was interested into Kpop. And, thanks to Bang Yongguk, I truly appreciate rap and Hip-Hop culture. Nevertheless, this journey would have not been the same without Eli. It’s Eli who make me truly love this genre. I knew Asia and more specifically South Korea and Japan who already passionate me. However, the Korean Urban Scene had been an indubitable revelation to me. I

lived almost one year in Seoul, so I could experience the life and see closer that urban scene, strengthening my passion for that scene and the country more globally.

I hope that, thanks to our website you would discover and, why not, as same as us, be driven by a new passion or revive it.


I am kind of drawn by a lot of things or topics but I must admit that I have sort of an inclination for painting, music, cinema, literature and philosophy. There is nothing worth to be known about be, just that I’ve always enjoyed analysing things (more or less successfully I must admit it, please be indulgent…) but also that really soon I got this willingness to know more about all the things related to the creation process.

About the Korean urban scene, well, my meeting with the Korean hip-hop is quite simply the result of an accident also known as the “YouTube Autoplay”. I’ve always had an eclectic musical taste so that day I was probably listening to American Trap, when, suddenly, a wild It G Ma appeared!

Anywayyyy it was around 2015 and quickly, out of curiosity I decided to see what was going on in Korea. Let’s just say that I wasn’t disappointed.

I am not fully aware of all of the things happening over there, clearly not, especially given that up until recently, with my studies, free time was nothing more than a myth. Nevertheless, with the small amount of time I had back now I wanted to realize this project that had been running through my minds for months.

As we already told you it won’t be perfect, but I hope that you’ll make some discovery and that you’ll enjoy our content!

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