dayfly – DEAN ft Sulli & Rad Museum

dayfly – DEAN ft Sulli & Rad Museum

Released a little less than two months ago, Dean’s last MV dayfly joins the category of those works which intrigue as much as they fascinate – Back to a metaphor about the feeling of emptiness induced by the addiction to One Night Stands: 

Dean has several times shared his unrestrained admiration for the cinema and maybe more precisely for the scriptwriting. That’s something quite significant in his universe. He already showed it through his album 130 Mood : TRBL since the common thread was none other than the story of a relationship which blooms in passion but then finally withers in the distance.

The artist – also known as Deantrbl – chose not to stop here yet as he seemingly decided to deepen this inspiration drawn from the film writing for his coming album. He indeed explained in an interview that he literally wrote the scenario for his next album before actually starting to compose the tracks.

As a result the metaphorical dimension is really asserted in the last artist’s production, as much in instagram as in dayfly in collaboration with Sulli and his friend – also in the collective you.will.novv – Rad Museum. This makes even more sense if you consider that Dean actually specified he wrote not less than five scripts before starting the production of the MV of dayfly.  

In this way, with dayfly the artist decided to talk about the Korean taboo of the sexuality and especially about one night stands. More precisely about the emptiness from one night stands, a feeling which doesn’t deter from keep on doing it yet, like an addiction.

Hence the intention of this article is to see how it is shown by the lyrics and the visual narration. Or at least, it’s one of the possible interpretations ~



One night stands to feel alive

In an Instagram story Dean gave some instructions in order to have a better understanding of the dayfly MV meaning. The main key was to watch the prologue and then the full MV.

Crédit : @deansintro

What are we learning from this prologue?

At first glance not that much. We can see Dean playing a retro racing game. Captivated by his game he then suddenly paused his game. His phone is vibrating, he answer a call.

We can also see this setup at the end of the MV of dayfly with the pause screen from the videogame. Given the topic of the song and other points which will be explain later, one of the possible interpretations would be that the character played by Dean paused his game to answer the call of his one night stand.

This one night stand will stay faceless, an unknown entity with for most explicit allusion the relatively stripped bodies of the trailer.

This choice of anonymity is surely not a mere hazard, there is a true script meaning behind it since we clearly understand in the lyrics of the song that if it takes two to a one night stand, the identity of the other doesn’t really matter in the end.

In this way, the song literally starts with this point:

“You’re filled in my eyes as they just naturally opened up,

Oh oh who is it,

No need to say

One thing more important is

That we’re alive like this”

In the one night stand, the character is eventually more looking for a sensation, the willingness to feel alive, rather than a true human interaction. And finally it seems that it would be the same for everybody as it is implied in Rad Museum’s 1rst verse.

“Wandering around Night Street

You’re looking for one night

What feeling do you have standing in front of me

Can’t you just tell me all

Your heart is so different

It’s all the same by this time”

This unknown person was also looking through the night for somebody, and if there is intercourse between the characters, in the end the other stays a complete mystery for the protagonist, a mystery which is never going to be solve as it was already the case with the previous affairs in fact.   

Once again, for the protagonist, the only purpose of the one night stand is to have this feeling to be alive.

The one night stand, a paradoxal reality

Besides this need to feel alive, the lyrics suggest that there might be a more concrete reason which would explain the current behaviour of the protagonist. Or more accurately an event and more precisely what seems to be a romantic disappointment.

Dean explained that:

“Nothing is for certain

In every relationship

Even if it’s coincidence

I’ll be the one getting hurt”

On which Rad Museum added:

“I don’t want nothing

From this day on

In one single day

We’re saying farewell”

The character seems to think that the relationships with commitment are inevitably going to result on pain, therefore he took the firm decision only to do no-strings-attached relationships. From this day on, his relationship will only last for one day, like the lifespan of this insect, the mayfly also called dayfly.

However, despite this firm decision there a sort of double meaning in the lyrics which bring to light a certain paradox.

There is indeed this kind of discomfort, of awkwardness, of bitterness, almost of guilt. First in the lyrics, especially Dean’s first verse:

“Leaving aside the clothes full of unfamiliar scent,

Though washing away the memory of yesterday

It keeps coming back as I’m forgotten

Hiding behind a downright excuse

Asking and asking over and over

Am I the bad one

Am I the sick one”

This impersonal, almost mechanical relation bother the character. He’s quite in distress. While hardly left the other is already forgetting him, despite his own efforts he doesn’t manage to show such a detachment. Hence he comes to ponder the virtue of his actions.

The sentences “Am I the bad one, Am I the sick one “can also by some points be interpreted as a value judgment. We are always the bad one in comparison of somebody else, the sick one in comparison of a norm. This guilt felt by the protagonist might also come from a social pressure. His behaviour is not in keeping with the morality which especially makes sense if we put this work in the context of South Korea where sexual relationships are not a really commonly brought up topic.


The addiction prison

Addiction is quite a recurring topic in Dean’s last works. Instagram already has for substantive theme the addiction to the eponymous social network while dayfly is focused on the addiction to one night stands.

The lyrics previously analysed suggested that if the protagonist had started one night stands, it was in first place in order to regain control over his relation, not having to suffer from a relationship anymore.

But finally, by wanting to run away from this possibility, he locked himself into a habit which is literally becoming an addiction, it has become indispensable.

Among other things, the hook sung by Sulli ended with the sentence “One thing more important is we’re alive like this”. When it’s Dean’s turn to sing it, he ended it with the nuance “One thing more important is that we live like this”

It’s quite hard for me to explain it since English is not my first language, but Dean’s variation seems to be stronger. This is not about the simple fact to feel more alive thanks to the sexual act anymore, now this act truly became vital. We can also understand this variation as one night stands are not a mere act anymore but a real way of life. In any case, the sense is still stronger in Dean’s version.

Therefore it’s now easier to understand the final verse:

“I’m weak to face the reality

Trying to look away but it’s no good,

On the edge of the day repeating endlessly

I was closer to being dead

The truth only hurts

When sweet lie touches my skin

I’ll live this day again just like that

As the nameless night is locked up yeah

As the night is locked up yeah”

The character felt that his behaviour was not what suited him the best, as a consequence he knowingly chose to look away. Even if this choice is harmful, it’s too hard to stand the reality while it’s more pleasant to bask in the flesh, the one night stands – when a sweet lie touches my skin – a sort of artificial happiness. Then he knowingly chose to live in an illusion and to keep on looking for new sexual partner.

This last point is none other than the main topic of the MV which now takes a new whole meaning.

A metaphorical directing

Dean recently shed some light on a huge part of the meaning behind the MV.

“Let’s think that the person is a character from a 16bit game, if you look at an old racing game, the character can only move in a certain way.

The character is a person who can only do repeated acts, to move to a same route

The car is the spot where the character returns when the game is over

So the person in the game has to do the same thing again if they return to the car

The situation won’t change whether he burn or smash the car

I wanted to show that situation of person who can’t escape from doing the same thing

The emptiness from one night stand, regretting but doing the same thing again

A human has a stupid mind and they repeat the same mistakes


This “spot” brought up by Dean, so the car, can be seen as a metaphor of the one night stand. As a consequence, the flying cameras (which are maybe present in the retro racing game, the kind of white round cf the pictures below) could be a possible metaphor of the fact that the scene we are currently watching would be the product of the protagonist’s subconscious. The MV would more generally be a metaphor of the character’s introspection.

And here once again, like with the lyrics of the track, the protagonist seems to pass through several phases. We can notice that the MV starts with Dean getting out of the car. At first, all the characters present in the shot are quiet. While Dean is singing the other including Rad Museum are playing cards. But this calm is only precarious since they suddenly start to smash the car.


The more obvious meaning is that at first the protagonist didn’t have any problems with the one night stands. He just made the most of the moment and this thus matches with the characters in the back who were quietly playing cards. But little by little, as we already saw it, a feeling of guilt and discomfort is going to hit the protagonist. He reassessed this kind of behaviour and hence tried to stop it. Since here the act of the one night stand is represented by the car, the willingness of stopping it is hence conveyed by the attempts to destroy it.

This destruction attempt didn’t started at any time of the lyrics though. There is indeed a change of atmosphere in the MV during Dean’s second verse, the one in which he shared is fear to suffer in a relationship. And hence, as a consequence, it’s possible to do a dual reading.   

Since this destruction started as Dean were talking about his distrust of the relationships with commitment, it’s as if the protagonist were sealing his fate. From the moment the character is relating his distrust, it will now be impossible for him to escape from this endless one night stands cycle. He is locking himself up in the act of the one night stands and this resolution is so strong that it will now be impossible for him to withdraw from it.

Whether it is by fire or by the physical violence, this car withstand it all and the protagonist playing by Dean kept on reappearing on it. Reappearing because the camera works are done in such a way that we never see if he go inside the car on his own or if he just spawn into it.

After the attempt of the other characters and especially Rad Museum to burn the car, Dean reappeared once again on the engine, and there is a striking contrast between the burning car and Dean who is almost apathetic inside of it. This might be interpreted as a metaphor of the protagonist’s boredom who doesn’t even really enjoy the torrid aspect (represented by the flames) of those intercourse anymore. Mechanically it’s like he was just putting up with the moment.

Just before this extract, there is also another metaphor on the part in which the characters became blurred, like as if they were contaminated by a glitch. There is at least two interpretations here. First an extended metaphor of the video game universe since it’s like a computer bug. There is also traces of this metaphor with the part with the kind of the technological glasses or the system error (cf the pictures below). The second one would simply the state of confusion of the characters, their alienation. They don’t exist as entities led by their own will but are literally dominated by this desire. This would all the more make sense that this mise-en-scene took place when Dean sang the nuance of the “One thing more important is that we live like this “

Such an addiction that it leads to the protagonist’s alienation

As we saw it, first the characters are trying to smash the car, then to burn it up. On this umpteenth failure, there is a breach in the melody with a switch or lighter sound. This is a night scene and Dean seems to wake up in panic in the car. In a last momentum, he switch on the light of the roof and try to do the same with the radio. But as the control panel is lighting up, the atmosphere turns dark and the spectator see the system error, file corrupted message appearing.  

Here again this can be interpreted as a metaphor of a person who try to regain control, this time from the inside, in vain.

The protagonist is once again scrambled, then purely disappears for reappearing in a completely different setup. The melody starts again while there is now a scene of a phantasmagorical dimension which is way to show all the extent of the protagonist’s torment.

But above all, this scene and those shots are somewhat reminiscent of those from the Instagram MV in which there were also shots of water and this is not some hazard.

In a previously mentioned interview, Dean indeed also explained that:

“Ocean and water were the main keywords while working on the Instagram music video

Falling into thoughts, lost in thoughts

Thoughts come to mind

I thought all of these expressions are related to water

Overwhelmed but in the end you are still alone at the same spot”


In this way, the water was a metaphor of a character who is overwhelmed by the quantity of information in the social networks, but also by their thoughts. Here, in dayfly it’s possible to understand it as a feeling of distress, and, with the computer bug, of alienation too. The protagonist is lost in this habit of the one night stands, he can’t escape from it, but it’s at the same time a cause of torments. We can see him struggling in the water, he is pulled by different opposite forces which is especially pointed out in the last verse previously analysed.

Yes the protagonist is troubled, but he keeps on coming back to the car, to the one night stands nonetheless. Like in the lyrics from the last verse he is determined to continue, to repeat the same mistakes to quote Dean

This analyse is once again present in the directing of the MV. After the water shots, Dean is in the car again while the landscape is gradually disappearing with at the end only the car to remain. Hence here there is again a reference to the video games imagery, but if we stay true to the principle that all this mise-en-scene was actually a sort of metaphor of the protagonist’s subconscious, then, once again, the only thing to remain is the car, the one night stands. No matter what he is doing, everything is always coming back to this car, the rest is superfluous, only contributing to the illusion of liberty.

Finally, on the final shot, the introspective metaphor end and we go back to the reality of a protagonist who just paused his game to answer the call of the flesh.


And you, what were your thoughts the first time you watched this MV, how did you interpret it ? 



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