Chapter 2: Which track can I recommend to my Western-centred friend?

Chapter 2: Which track can I recommend to my Western-centred friend?


Your friend loves as much pogo as ballads on acoustic guitars? Their wardrobe is varied: black, black and also, surprise, black! The Korean urban scene is so far, pretty eclectic so they might like it. That’s for you to judge!


If your friend has Bob Marley as a religion, that they couldn’t spend a day without speaking of Babylon, of the Jah Rastafaraï or that they simply likes reggae, dub and so on instrumentals. Maybe they would become a Korean Hip-Hop fan!

(Ed: We’re sorry to disappoint you but drugs are highly prohibited in South Korea so watch out!)

Cloud Rap

Your friend is high 78% of the time, take cough codeine syrup in summer and listen too much to Travis Scott, ASAP Rocky or even Yung Lean? Reconnect with them by introducing them those artists who will accompany them during their cloudy evening.

Gangsta Rap

Your friend is only swearing by Tony “Scarface” Montana or The Godfather? They can’t wait to see the next season of Narcos? Be helpful offering them a new catharsis which would appease their vendetta desire.

Ego Trip

Sick of listening to your friend endlessly praising themself? Sick of always feeding their Narcisse complex? In order to relief you, trust the rappers that we thoroughly selected for you. They will accompany them in their megalomaniac delirium.


Your friend wears the collaboration Converse X Comme des Garçons, a Supreme jumper with a Bape jacket and a Gucci imitation cap? Don’t panic! You would train that legendary pokemon thanks to – no we haven’t a masterball for you – but a selection of Korean rappers with an unrivalled flow.


Your friend honours Metro Boomin, dreams about Future, speaks Young Thug and thinks Gucci Mane, then we suggest you to change their lifestyle by converting them into the Korean Trap.

Rap Conscient

Your friend is sapiosexual, they reads The Wall Street Journal at breakfast, the New York Times at lunch and can’t sleep without his Buzz feed’s interview? Real rebellious of the consumer society, of its values and its actors, your friend cannot help but gives their opinion – sometimes a little bit too much we have to say – on topics as varied as the ice melt or even the fight Nicky Minaj/Cardi B. Those rappers will know how to give them softness in that world of savage.


For all your friends who pretend that it’s only some Chinese music, show them this selection without further ado.

Bonus: their ears will be pleased later and they’ll thank you.


Your friend is a jazz amateur? They thinks that Hip-Hop is only a violent and deformed sound? Make them listen to that playlist. From that moment, this playlist will become a main part of their night filled with melancholic bouts and smoke wreathes fading in the moon glimmer contemplation.


For your friend an artist had bound to be unknown from the gran public to be legitimate. In which case the artist would only be the umpteenth product of the musical industry. For them, an artist has to be original. That is good because the Korean urban scene would satisfy his musical curiosity as much bored as insatiable.

Rap Old School

We all have that friend who claims that rap was better before. There isn’t a single day without that old-school friend complaining about these modern heresies that are autotune, trap instrumentals and mumble rap. Don’t worry, this selection would satisfy their nostalgic ears.


Your friend is stuck on Uptown Funk and clearly, it’s not possible anymore! Give them a little bit of novelty and freshness in their life thanks to that track’s selection!


Your friend is religiously visiting Rihanna’s Twitter and Instagram accounts every day? They likes to identify themself into the lyrics? Then offer them a foretaste of the Korean urban scene.


Your friend is hot-blooded? Has an unmatched sense of rhythm and couldn’t help but wiggle their hips when they’re listening to their favourite tracks with Latino intonations? Don’t look further! The Korean urban scene has his own caliente track!


Work work work work work work ~~~

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